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Mudd-Ox Fort Mac



The Mudd-Ox Fort Mac is the end product of many years of vigorous testing in the oil fields in Fort McMurray, Canada. It’s our fully industrial, high duty cycle soldier. An 85 hp Ford gasoline engine provides necessary power to pull heavy loads. A heavy duty cooling system is mounted to the roll bar to ensure operators can drive the vehicle for many hours at a time. We are redefining the capabilities of amphibious vehicles.

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Fort Mac drives just like our XL model with the same precision controls, however this utilizes four individual hydraulic wheel motors. One motor is mounted per each corner wheel. Center wheels are idlers for the tracks, meaning the drivetrain is setup just like a military tank. Users must always use tracks on the Fort Mac – just like a tank.



This is an ideal machine for those with intended to use the vehicle around the clock without stopping, have extremely demanding applications, or want to perform very little maintenance. Fort Mac is our most industrialized model – each component is heavy duty to ensure longevity and cost efficiency over time.

Steering Wheel


Our goal is to have a diverse range of products that meets everyone’s needs. If the traditional dual steering levers will not work for your application, we offer an automotive style steering wheel with gas and brake pedal. This is an excellent option for rental fleets or operators with disabilities.



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