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Mudd-Ox XL57



The Mudd-Ox XL is the outcome of developments leading back to 2008 with our first production machine. We have been testing hydrostatics and engine options for over 10 years, with most of the development time spent with utility companies and rental fleets. Each component has been built, refined, and produced to meet demanding applications.

XL utilizes either a 57 hp gas EFI engine which directly drives the hydrostatic pumps. It has the ability to instantly go from forward to reverse, and counter-rotate on a dime. The power plant has the ability to haul 2,000 lbs. inside the vehicle and tow 2,500 lbs. XL is a true workhorse.

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-Precision control – Hydrostatic allows users to control the vehicle with unmatched precision. There are two hydraulic motors, one per side of the vehicle. Each one is independently controlled, allowing operators to maneuver with ease in harsh trail conditions. You can literally thread a needle. Zero shifting – That’s right. Simply move each lever forward to go forward, pull back for reverse. Pure Torque – There is no loss of traction or torque when steering.



One of the great features of the XL is its versatility. It excels in both recreational and industrial uses thanks to its powerful drivetrain. Customers find uses for the XL ranging from hunting on private property to commercial rental fleets. General service work is very simple and can be completed by individuals with basic tools. This is our most sold model in company history.

Steering Wheel


Our goal is to have a diverse range of products that meets everyone’s needs. If the traditional dual steering levers will not work for your application, we offer an automotive style steering wheel with gas and brake pedal. This is an excellent option for rental fleets or operators with disabilities.



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