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MASTER BV 77 indirect oil heater

Powerful, effective, multi-functional. Master BV 77, 20 kW portable heater with possibility to connect flexible tubes. For heating construction sites, tents, warehouses, production halls, etc.

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Indirect oil heaters are highly efficient devices that provide large volume of 100% clean, dry and fume free warm air. They are best for places with limited ventilation like shops, event’s tents, food preparation areas or exhibition halls. They can be used with flexible hoses that make the warm air be spread around easily.



  • Clean hot air
  • Possible connection to an optional room thermostat
  • Possible connection to a flexible tube
  • Flue gas exhaust
  • High air flow
  • Electric control panel humidity and dust proof
    (Ingress Protection IP44)
  • Overheat thermostat
  • Post-ventilation
  • Three oil filters: oil pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter
  • Electronic flame control with photocell
  • Heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel combustion chamber
  • Oil tank with level indicator
  • Trolley included
  • Snorkel
  • Easy maintenance with external pump
  • Strong and long lasting construction
  • Diagnostic LED


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