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Red-D-Arc GX200 Welder

Exceptionally smooth output from the brushless, asynchronous alternator provides excellent welding characteristics and arc striking voltage. Lightweight and portable with auxiliary power available while welding.

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The GX200 2+4 is a highly portable, 200 amp at 35% duty cycle, DC stick welder with 4,000 watts 240 VAC/2,000 watts 120 VAC auxiliary electric power and comes with a Honda GX340 4-stroke gasoline engine. The asynchronous alternator delivers an exceptionally smooth welding arc with low spatter and excellent weld bead appearance. An available shop cart makes transportation around the jobsite or shop easy while occupying minimal space in the back of a pickup truck or service vehicle. Perfect for structural-steel erectors, roofdeck installers, overhead-door maintenance and installation crews, roadside tire and assistance services, and construction cleanup crews to name a few.


  • Patented, brushless asynchronous alternator delivers smooth welding output and increased efficiency in a maintenance free-design
  • Excellent welding-arc characteristics and arc-striking voltage, exceptional performance with all types of electrodes
  • Low/medium/high range amperage selection from three output taps provides more accurate current control
  • Honda OHV series engine provides easy starts, lower fuel consumption, and reduced engine noise
  • Transistorized magneto ignition, simple engine maintenance, low engine oil pressure shutdown system
  • Standard engine hourmeter
  • Light-weight, highly portable, comes with heavy-duty protective frame
  • 120 volt 15 amp circuit breaker, 240 volt 15 amp circuit breaker
  • Pull-start and electric-start models
  • Uses regular, unleaded fuel
  • 1.6 gallon (6.5 L) fuel tank, 1.16 qts (1.1 L) oil capacity


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