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Suzuki DF50A Outboard Motor

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Suzuki engineers based the DF50A and DF40A engine on Suzuki’s proven in-line three-cylinder 12-valve engine. This high-performance engine has a displacement of 941cm3 and features a DOHC powerhead—the only DOHC engine used in the 36.8kW (50PS)/29.4kW (40PS) outboard class—with four valves per cylinder, and an air intake system optimized for maximum efficiency in the high rpm range. When designing this engine, Suzuki engineers also focused on improving mechanical efficiency. Each component was analyzed and redesigned to reduce mechanical loss in order to improve efficiency. As an example, a new oil pump design makes internal oil flow more efficient, keeping moving parts better lubricated while using less energy. The combined reduction in mechanical loss throughout the engine contributes to better fuel economy.